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Serenity house
Serenity house

Serenity house

Kyiv / Ukraine

300 square meters

Serenity house is a private two-storey house for a young family with an area of 344 square meters in the Kyiv region. Our task was to develop and implement an architectural and interior design project with two important factors: the house should be located not far from the city and the presence of a terrace with a fireplace.

We designed the house in a modern style: cubic shape with a flat roof and natural materials on the central facade. Thanks to the panoramic windows and the lack of overlap, the living room visually becomes even larger and looks very spacious. The interior of the house looks contrasting due to dark elements and warm due to the rich red color of the wood.

The territory of the house is not large, but it was important for us to leave it spacious and create a place where you can play ball with your son. And be sure to provide a live Christmas tree to decorate it in winter.

The first floor is a common area. There is a kitchen, living room, laundry room, pantry, dressing room and bathroom. The second floor is a private area with three bedrooms and an office. At the entrance we have a walk-in cloakroom, the main feature of which is that if you come home by car, from the garage you immediately get into the cloakroom, then to the living room. If you enter from the main entrance – you also immediately enter the cloakroom. The living room has a second light – there is no overlap between the first and second floor.