Reviews - Building Evolution
Main construction partner!
Sergey Makhno
founder of the architectural studio Sergey Makhno architects
"Building Evolution is our main building partner! Our collaboration is perfect! Most importantly, these are people who "keep pace with us"! There is a responsibility, there is a team with which you want to work!"
Everything clearly!
Alexander Katsimon
designer - architect
"Our cooperation with Building is the joint implementation of objects in the premium segment! Building is the efficiency of the tasks, detailed documentation and, of course, post-service! I recommend the company to both clients and colleagues!"
Engagement and clarity
Oleksandr Bond
designer - architect
“As a designer, they make my life a lot easier, they take responsibility on the spot, they don’t bother with trifles. If there are any errors on the objects, the building fixes these errors on its own so that no one knows - neither me nor the client. ” The building is present at the facility to the last touch! ”

Our super challenging project
Olga Bogdanova
Founder of Bogdanova Bureau
“Construction is a very complex management based on the human factor. And the worst thing for a client and a designer when implementing a project is additional fees! Whatever extra situations happened, specifically in my case, at the end of the implementation of my project, Building took responsibility, and all incomprehensible - additional fee of builders, closed at its own expense."
Perfect reputation!
Angelica Garusova
Curator and founder of the ARTSPACE award
“Not all companies can become the general partner of ART SPACE! Against the background of Roche Bobois, Baxter, Facture - companies that have taken place on the market, which have a serious and correct reputation! Therefore, only a company with an ideal reputation can become the general partner of ART SPACE. And in Building we saw such a responsible and reliable partner! ”
Curator and founder of the ARTSPACE award."