Signature apartment - Building Evolution
Signature apartment
Signature apartment

Signature apartment


10 months

Challenges. Marble finishing of the column, which reaches the ceiling and divides the space, preserving and continuing the natural pattern.

Planning of space. The apartment space consists of three spacious rooms, a dressing room, two bathrooms, and an entrance hall. In fact, the apartment is divided into two blocks. Sleeping block, consisting of a master bedroom and a children’s room with two separate entrances: from the side of the parents’ bedroom, and from the side of the living room. Guest block – a combined kitchen and living room with a lounge area, as well as a guest bathroom with shower and washing block.

Implementation. Complex repair work at all steps, including author’s supervision.

Materials. Materials used – natural wood, marble, glass and fabric panels, ceramic granite, artificial stone, three types of decorative plaster.